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Types of Labels

A real question arises in the minds of people that how unique a label can really be? When thinking of a label, most people usually picture a square cut label. There’s not much you can do with such type of printing labels, they’re standard and pretty common, but what people forget is that there is a variety of customizable, easy-to-use labels that have gained popularity with time and machines.

Since the market is changing, the choices of people have also changed over time. Company owners need to think of innovative ways to make their products appealing to the customer while maintaining functionality. We understand the importance of a label here at Printing Labels Melbourne, thus we have allowed our customers to choose from a variety of label types that are popping up in the market place throughout Australia. Here are some of the label types that are currently being used by the majority of companies:

Dry peel labels

These are the type of labels that can easily be peeled away from the product container. To temporarily hold the label in place an adhesive is used. These types of labels are mostly used to give out the core instruction about the product or redeemable coupons. The thing that sets them apart is that another label can be placed underneath it and upon peeling of Dry peel label the primary one stays in place unharmed.

Fold-out labels

Fold-out labels are specifically used for conveying additional information. It is constructed of a single sheet that is then folded and stacked. Upon breaking the seal, the label can be unfolded to provide extra information that the customer may want to read. Like dry peel labels, this type can also be removed from the container however there is no primary label underneath because the sole purpose of fold-out labels is to provide extra information rather than hiding something.

Reseal labels

For a multi-use product, reseal labels are a heavens sent. They serve the exact purpose of their name, resealing a product once the primary seal has been broken. Majorly being used on snack foods and other lunch meats adding convenience and functionality to the product with desktop label printers.

Specialty die-cut labels

These types of labels are made specifically for containers with odd shapes. The labels itself have a unique shape for uniqueness and other appealing purposes. Specialty die-cut labels can also be the best form of label printing as they are the type that can be used as labels that contain removable labels within them.

Tag and board packaging

This is considered more of packaging than a label. Thicker board stock as a label printing material is an easy way to differentiate your product from others and look a class apart. Folding of the material is done during the packaging process, and it completely depends on the choice of the customer whether they want to fully cover it with the packaging or use it as a label.

Prime labels

This is the primary label that your product contains and probably the most important one. It displays the branding of the product usually centered in the container. Different tricks can be used to make your prime label unique and attractive. You will get a choice with label machines of adding foil stamp, matte and gloss finishes, specialty coating, tactile varnish, and many more options to choose from in order to increase its shelf appeal and make it stand out.

These are some of the basic types of labels that are being used by almost every company. A label needs to be considered as a factor that plays the most integral part of the success of a product. A maximum budget needs to be allocated to it so that it engages more and more customers towards it. Try to go for different types of printing machines and experiment until you find what works best for you, your company, and the product you’re producing. Utilize the choices you are given with and come up with creative ways to promote your product.