Book gives the student a choice of the type of product to buy.

Dmitri Mendeleev

Having to buy textbooks, is a nuisance for all college students. For teachers finding the right textbook for their course can be a time-consuming process. In either case, knowing where to find the right textbook helps solve these problems. Here is a look at Chemistry 4th Edition Alan Blackman.

Overview of Chemistry 4th Edition

Chemistry 4th Edition has sections on inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, and physical chemistry. It has been revised and updated to include recent developments in chemistry. It has new exercises, examples, practice, and questions at the end of the chapter. The textbook can be purchased in both a traditional printed textbook and interactive eBook forms. This gives the student a choice of the type of product to buy.

There are also lightboard videos the show how to work problems. This makes it possible to learn the more challenging concepts in smaller easier to understand pieces. The interactiveness of the ebook form and other tools help make the chemistry the student is learning more like part of the real world. The book also has online and offline study tools that help them check to see if they are getting the material correctly. This helps students make better use of their study time.

Hardcover Edition

Even with almost everything available in a digital format, some people simply prefer a good old-fashioned physical book. Despite being relatively low tech, a hardcover book still has its advantages. For example, it does not have to plug them in and it can be read during a power outage. The hardcover edition of this textbook is a full color printed book that comes with an interactive eBook code. This gives students the advantages of both formats. The hardcover book that will last for years without having to be transferred from device to device, along with the ebook code that makes it even more useful. The benefit here is clearly one of increasing the overall usefulness and durability of the book.

Digital Edition

The digital edition of this textbook is the more economical way for students to buy their book. It has the further advantage of being easier to carry in the hardcover edition since many textbooks can be carried on one device. This digital textbook also allows for searching, highlighting and note-taking. The online version is available for only a year, but it can be downloaded within that time for limitless access offline.