Related disorders are discussed along with nutrition and dietetics


The new Asia-Pacific Edition is an absolute must for all students involved in any graduate programme related to human anatomy, physiology or microbiology. Co-authored by 10 of the world’s best experts on medical subjects like biology, biomechanics, age related muscle loss, and the living anatomy, this is an educational, full colour text book available in print or digital form.

With information contributed by a leading expert into the recycling and reduction of melanoma cell adhesion molecule, (MCAM) and an investigation into the recycling and reduction of MCAM, they clarify how it affects the metastasis of melanoma cells. As all types of skin cancer especially melanoma has become more prolific in recent years in Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific, this segment is of particular interest for students of dermatological medicine.

One section of the publication describes Biomechanics of sports and exercise and the ability for young, skeletal muscle to regenerate after overuse or injury while others cover the difference between old and young muscles and how to treat injuries or the deterioration of age related muscle loss.

Neurological and endocrine related disorders are discussed along with nutrition and dietetics. Other experts deal with variability in the heart rate of athletes and cardiac and skeletal fatigue experienced by workers carrying heavy equipment and how it affects their quality of life.

Principles of Anatomy & Physiology 2nd Asia-Pacific Edition offers 29 clear and concise, revised chapters many of which contain colour illustrations of the human body along with anatomical functions. At the end of each chapter, questions and exercises allow the student to ponder their level of comprehension and to concentrate more on their weaknesses. The digital form of this edition offers interactive opportunities and animations designed to bring theory alive and create an easier learning level.

With a comprehensive Table of Content dealing with muscular, nervous and bone tissue, the brain and cranial nerves, the cardiovascular system and the respiratory system, this updated edition is an affordable text book for all types of medical related students whether they choose the digital form or standard print.